Duchesne Volunteer House

 Sponsored by the Society of the Sacred Heart


A little about the Duchesne House Project...

About Duchesne House…

Duchesne House for Volunteers is located in New Orleans, LA and is named in honor of St. Rose Philippine Duchesne, Pioneer Religious of the Sacred Heart. St. Philippine came to the "New World" in 1818 to establish schools of the Sacred Heart for children of the Frontier and she also lived among the Native American Potawatomie Tribe. Duchesne House is a project supported by the United States Province of the Society of the Sacred Heart, in response to the needs surfaced in the New Orleans Area after Hurricane Katrina.

There are three Religious of the Sacred Heart who live in the spacious old house and open their doors to volunteer groups who come to New Orleans to help with the rebuilding of the city.

The house includes two dormitory rooms on the second floor where our guests stay. They share the rest of the house with the community and are encouraged to be at home during their stay.

Duchesne House's first commitment is to college students but youth ages 16-30 are welcomed. The program for students includes:

  • A "reality/hope tour" of the city
  • Service projects under the auspices of St Bernard Project, Project Homecoming and other volunteer agencies
  • Daily reflections linking the experience of the day with the Gospel message
  • Evening presentations that include guest speakers and DVDs on various Katrina related issues: racial, socio-economic, cultural and environmental.
  • Our ministry at Duchesne House for Volunteers began in August, 2007. Generally we host between 15-20 groups a year.

There are still some openings for 2014-2015.

For more information contact:
Sister Anne Byrne, RSCJ at

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Duchesne House

New Orleans, LA

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